Chairman Stewart's campaign for Governor has been an embarrassment for the people of Virginia and Prince William County.

This weekend's hate-filled rally in Charlottesville is a direct result of Chairman Stewart's divisive politics. He should be ashamed. It's time for the people of Prince William County to move on from his distractions and have a County Board focused on bringing high paying jobs to our community, reducing class sizes and solving our transportation challenges.

For the last 14 years Chairman Stewart has shown he is not up to that task.

Citizens Organized to Resist Egomaniacal Yahoos and Spiteful Trumpbacking Officeholders PAC (COREY STOP) calls on Chairman Stewart to suspend his campaign for Governor and resign his seat as Chairman of our Board.

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    Sign the petition: Resign
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    This man is an embarrassment. He’s more concerned w/his own political gain than the safety & well-being of PW County residents. How about focusing on the crime that has doubled in PWC lately!! 11 burglaries & robberies in 1 wk & 2 shootings is unacceptable!! ONE week!! This was 2 wks ago. Last wk there were 5, according to

    We no longer feel safe & looking to move. Thugs robbing left & right. Meanwhile Corey does nothing to address this! These guys 4 the most part r not even being caught!! It’s out of control.
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    This hateful person does not represent me, nor does he represent most Virginians. We need elected officials who want to bring us together and stop dividing us and stop tearing us apart with their extremist ideologies and agendas. As a longtime resident of Prince William County, Corey Stewart has never represented my ideals, he is a blight on our county and our state. It’s time to kick him to the curb and bring in bright minds with helpful and productive ideas that will bring us together and stop “building walls” and dividing us!
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    Nancy Leeds
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